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Converts images from BMP, JPG and GIF to most popular web formats.

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Magic Picture Converter is a simple program made to work with digital photos, graphic images and pictures. It's used to convert their format so they can be easily used on the internet - e-mail, Facebook, web sites or any content management system.

It was created for the people with digital cameras or scanners and little or no knowledge about computer stuff like networks, website development, or image optimization. That is why it's user interface is as simple to use as possible.

So what does it do? Magic Picture Converter converts pictures from BMP, GIF and JPG formats to most popular web formats. The process is done in batch mode, which means that you can convert all the images in a folder automatically just with one click. The original files are not overwritten and are still available in their original form for future editing or other purposes. No fear of ruining them!

You can try this program without limitations for 30 days, which is more then enough to persuade yourself that you need it. Go to Download page and try it now for free! No registration is needed to get the evaluating version of the program.
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