icon Magic Screensaver Master

Enables you to manage your screensaver by moving your mouse... and more!

Features and pricing
Major program features
  • perform certain actions just by positioning your mouse cursor to a specific area of the desktop
  • a different action can be set for each desktop corner
  • actions supported: Start screensaver, Disable screensaver, Turn off monitor, Log off and log as different user, Restart computer, Shut down computer
  • user adjustable mouse sensitivity
  • user adjustable delay before actions
  • auto run with Windows
  • step by step help for the most common actions plus online forum for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • setup with install and uninstall features

Program information:

Program name Magic Screensaver Master
Version 3.6
Download size only 242 kb
Downloads 15.452
Screen shots Available
Price only $12.99 [Buy now]

Magic Screensaver Master received several awards:




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